Mayorathon 2020

Through questionnaires and forums, 2020 Mayorathon seeks to help Richmond residents understand their candidates’ vision and policy plans for the city by focusing on these key topic areas.



Public Safety


Youth & Families

Ashley Jefferson

Katherine Jordan

Tavarris Spinks


Willie Edward Hilliard, Jr

Anne-Frances Lambert

Elaine Summerfield

Stephanie Lynch

Jer’MyKeal McKoy

Mamie Taylor

Cynthia Newbille

Joseph Rogers

Unfortunately, 8th District candidates were unable to participate in the 2020 Mayorathon forum series. Feel free to visit their candidate websites for more information.

Regie Ford

Reva Trammell

Amy Wentz

You can catch up on City Council and Mayoral candidate forums from the Richmond Mayorathon Facebook page (links below)

1st District on 9/21

2nd District on 9/23

3rd District on 9/28

5th District on 9/30

6th District on 10/5

7th District on 10/7

Mayoral forum on 10/14

Stay connected with 2020 Mayorathon

2020 Mayorathon is a collaborative civic project of over 20 Richmond based community organizations. We represent residents and members from all corners of the city committed to seeing local government deliver smart policies that make Richmond a more equitable, thriving, and urban place to live. Through questionnaires, forums, and events, we hope to educate Richmonders about their candidates and elected leaders while keeping those leaders accountable to building a progressive future for our city.


To highlight, explain, and parse through the thicket of Richmond’s city government, Mayorathon coordinates the talents and expertise of a host of local community organizations.

Participating partners all contribute their experience with the issues Richmond is wrestling with today. They inform every policy position, vet every evaluation, and recommend every priority. The final content of any Mayorathon project is supported by these organizations’ grounded work, in many cases over years and decades, and their knowledge of all the subjects Mayorathon tackles to advance our city’s progress.

The participating partners change between different projects. The network of organizations includes all these great Richmond names:

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